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Unifying Teams, Accelerating Success

Unified Communications and Collaboration

As a unified team, we understand the need to accelerate success through efficient collaboration. With constantly evolving technology and expanding cloud-based services, we strive to deliver the highest levels of innovation, safety, and efficiency in our unified communications solutions.

Empowering Teams with UCC Solutions

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is a solution that integrates various communication tools and applications, allowing seamless communication and collaboration among teams.

UCC solutions can improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance communication and collaboration, and streamline business processes.

Products like video conferencing system, audio conferencing system, IP telephony, VoIP, call center solutions, business headphones & speakers are required for implementing UCC solutions.

UCC solutions are beneficial for businesses of all sizes and industries, especially those with remote employees, distributed teams, and multiple locations.

Yes, we offer customized UCC solutions tailored to your specific business needs and requirements.

We offer a range of support and maintenance services for UCC solutions, including remote monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrades, and training.

You can contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your business needs and requirements. Our team will provide you with a customized UCC solution that meets your business goals and objectives.

At Palmura Tech, we provide comprehensive support and training for our UC&C solutions. Our team of experts is available to provide technical assistance and training to ensure our clients can make the most of their UC&C solutions.

Yes, our UC&C solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with other third-party applications and software. We work with our clients to ensure that their UC&C solutions are fully integrated and working seamlessly with their existing software systems like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet. 

Our UC&C solutions enable teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively, whether they are in the same office or working remotely. With features such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing, teams can easily work together on projects, share ideas, and make decisions in real-time.

Industries we cater to

Banks & Financial Institutions

Technology solutions to help banks and financial institutions improve their operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and stay compliant with regulations.

Educational Institutions

We assist educational institutions in improving their teaching and learning processes through technology solutions that enable seamless collaboration, enhance student engagement, and streamline administrative tasks.

Government & PSUs

We help governments at all levels to digitize their processes and services, enhance citizen engagement, and improve operational efficiency.


Technology solutions that enable the hospitality industry to enhance customer experience, optimize operations, and improve revenue streams through smart automation and digitalization.


We provide technology solutions to help IT & ITES companies optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and stay ahead of their competition through digital transformation.

Manufacturing Industries & Plants

We provide technology solutions to help manufacturing industries and plants streamline their operations, improve productivity, and reduce costs through automation and digitalization.

Residential & Corporate Buildings

We provide smart building solutions that enhance the safety, security, and sustainability of residential and corporate buildings, while also improving the overall living and working experience.

Our UCC Technology Partners

Connect and Collaborate Better

Unleash your team’s potential with our Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions. Experience seamless communication and collaboration like never before.

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