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Must Have Features of the UCM6300 Ecosystem

The UCM6300 Ecosystem by Grandstream offers a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform suitable for both on-site and remote applications. It seamlessly combines the customization and control of an on-premise IP PBX with the convenience of a cloud-based solution, delivering a user-friendly hybrid communication platform that caters to businesses of all scales. Comprising the UCM6300 series of IP PBXs, UCM6300 Audio series, UCM RemoteConnect, and Wave app, this suite empowers organizations with a versatile and robust communication and collaboration solution. In this blog post, we will walk you through the top three essential features of the UCM6300 Ecosystem.

Ability to Have Remote Workers with UCM RemoteConnect

UCM RemoteConnect stands out as a key asset within the UCM6300 Ecosystem, facilitating the inclusion of remote or hybrid team members. This cloud-based NAT traversal service empowers businesses to effortlessly establish a secure collaborative environment for remote workers and devices. With the convenience of UCM RemoteConnect, organizations can configure their IP PBX platform remotely, leveraging user-friendly IT tools that grant easy access to UCM6300 IP PBX monitoring and diagnostic capabilities within their organization. UCM RemoteConnect proves to be the ideal solution for crafting a versatile workspace for employees, ensuring both security and peace of mind while connecting SIP endpoints from any location.

Ability to Make & Receive Calls from Anywhere with Wave

When SIP endpoints aren’t within reach, Wave allows for sending and receiving calls from anywhere. Wave is a mobile and web app that provides remote voice and video collaboration tools for businesses utilizing Grandstream’s UCM6300 series IP PBXs. Remote and traveling employees can use the app to remotely join meetings, calls, and conferences allowing for hybrid and flexible workplaces. When paired with UCM RemoteConnect, employers can be assured that their remote workers have secure connections through Wave allowing constant communication with their peers and clients. Wave desktop softphone is supported by both Windows and Mac computers, as well as Chrome and Firefox browsers allowing for access from nearly any device. The desktop app enables users to schedule meetings, private and group chat, share files, and more!

Easy Setup with Zero-Config and GDMS

On top of allowing for secure remote devices, the UCM6300 Ecosystem makes setting up and managing these devices easier than ever with zero-configuration and cloud configuration. Most Grandstream devices support our Zero-Config feature, which allows for new endpoints to be automatically configured once added to a LAN connected to a UCM IP PBX with this feature enabled. Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS) is a zero-touch cloud provisioning and management platform that provides a centralized means of deploying and managing all aspects of the UCM6300 Ecosystem. Organizations can configure and monitor all registered devices and accounts remotely, making this the ideal solution for creating a hybrid workplace using the UCM6300 Ecosystem. Installers or IT teams can also configure devices and relate them to deployments prior to them even being connected to the internet by utilizing the device’s MAC address. This enables a truly turn-key deployment where devices are automatically configured, provisioned, and ready to be used the moment they are taken out of the box.

The UCM6300 Ecosystem can be a powerful asset to any organization, whatever its size, that allows for employee flexibility and secure connectivity across all aspects of your business. It is unique in the sense that workers can utilize either a SIP endpoint or their own mobile device to connect securely and make or receive calls and meetings from anywhere while still being connected to their extension on the internal network. This year especially, more hybrid model workplaces are being adopted and peace of mind for both the employees and employer when it comes to security and connectivity are at the forefront of many minds. The UCM6300 Ecosystem is your solution to allowing flexibility while maintaining security and communication from wherever you may be.

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