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Enhancing School Operations Collaboratively with Zoom Phone

As classrooms continue to adopt hybrid learning models, telephony remains a critical tool to support day-to-day communications between teachers, administrators, and parents. Our experts have assisted schools across the globe, including Howe Public Schools, to migrate from legacy phone systems to modern VoIP systems, like Zoom Phone.

We sat down with Howe Public School leaders to hear how Zoom Phone and Poly CCX series desk phones have helped improve daily operations. Here are four key benefits customers can enjoy when choosing Poly |HP and Zoom for your telephony needs:

  1. Ease of Deployment

As shared by education advocate, Lance Ford, “When we bring in a [Poly] device, it’s so easy to provision and get it out of the door. That speed of delivery and with the flexibility to be wherever you need to be is what’s been beautiful about Zoom Phone and Poly.” When customers choose Poly solutions certified for Zoom Phone, you can trust our solutions to power up your Zoom experiences with ease.

  • Smart Tools built for Mobility

Poly and Zoom understand that school leaders need tools to support effective communications no matter where they are physically working. We are delighted that educators, like Carol Ann Ford, can confidently “jump into it [Zoom Meetings] wherever” they are and keep the conversation going. Poly has a complete suite of certified solutions for Zoom, so whether you start a Zoom phone call on your mobile device with a Poly headset and transition the call to a Poly desk phone at your desk, we have all your communications needs met.

  1. Feature-Rich User Experience

“Our teachers and staff are loving the new Zoom Phone system; from the day of implementation to now, it’s been seamless” – Tammy Parks, Instructional Technology Coordinator

An intuitive user experience is essential to a successful deployment, and Poly uniquely understands this. We’ve thoughtfully engineered the Poly CCX series desk phones with Poly signature audio along with a color-touch display that showcases the familiar Zoom user interface. The modern design and cool features including Zoom directory access and escalating a call to Zoom video make this lineup of desk phones a fan favorite.

  1. Reliable Support You Can Count On

Our experts know that transitioning to a modern VoIP system takes a coordinated effort. We have a global team of sales and tech support that work closely with customers to ensure the best user experience. As simply put by Superintendent Scott Parks, our team of experts make sure “the products work well and here’s how to get [the] job done”.

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